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9:03 a.m. - 2004-11-03
I have been so agitated the last couple of days. I want to scream and bite someone's head off. You'd think I grew up listening to Ozzy or something, but I didn't.

I'm not PMSing, it might be the surgery, but I don't think so. And its not like I'm pissed off, just... agitated. Like too much energy is coursing through my body and it needs an outlet so I can balance out.

I'm having lunch with a friend today, someone who is going through some major life changes. So maybe talking with her will be soothing or releasing. Although we are on different phases in life, we seem to be on the same path of self-discovery and improvement.

Another friend has announced that a friend of hers from India is offering yoga classes right down the street from my house. I think I may join up, for a different experience, and the additional yoga time under an instructor's guidance. My body is so out of whack that I need the positioning help. Serious yoga twice a week will be a godsend.

The election is far from over, and I have to admit, I am not sure who I want to win. I know who I voted for, but my issues run deep on both sides. I don't approve of either candidate, but have also never been a truely polar person. I often have an investment in both sides of any issue. We're screwed either way it goes in my opinion. There was no good choice.

Democracy sucks sometimes, but I would't want to live any other way.


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