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11:01 a.m. - 2004-11-18
Bats a swinging.
Yes, anger. Lots of anger. I'm going to the local kid entertainment place for lunch today to play in the batting cage. That should give me some outlet for the physical need to beat someone up. A little imagination goes a long way...

In other news, I'm getting the second laser treatment on my legs this Saturday. I got some numbing stuff to put on my shins and other ouchy parts this time. You wouldn't think that light could hurt, but it really does. Not like a skin burn, but momentary intense ouchiness.

I'm going to temple Friday. My close hometown friend J invited me to go with her and her family. Its a Jewish service. I've always been curious about their services, so it'll be fun. Afterwards I'm taking my friend A out for drinks. She needs it bad. Needs to talk. She and her husband are doing better financially, but not nearly well enough. I can't help anymore. But I'm getting community resource info in line to offer them when the time comes again.

Saturday is an evening of National Tre@sure with Sixweasels and Mr. Weasel (AKA Uncle Bung). I've been dying to see this flick for months. It has two of my favorite eye candy subjects. Sean and Nick. Doesn't get much better.


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