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10:27 a.m. - 2004-11-19
Its funny how fate throws people in your path just when you need them. My friend J and I have been having some very similar internal experiences lately. The more we talk, the more we discover that we have a lot more in common than we thought. (This is the girl who's husband asked for a divorce.)

They've decided to try to work through the problems, and I can see its a painful process for them both. So her inner exploration has given her a need to speak to someone she trusts, who will understand and be able to listen thoughtfully and even empathize. And she has chosen me. And I am honored.

On the less touchy, feely, mental health sort of note, I can't wait to get her down to The City for a little Asshole Crew therapy. She's been staying home with the kiddies while her hubby has been going out with his buddies. Its her turn. I believe in equity, and I'll offer her a chance at some. Let him stay home with the kids while she goes out to socialize and see how he likes it. A little Sully wisdom might do the trick. So long as he doesn't fart on her. Actually H may be able to relate to her hurt the most. He can be such a good boy at times.

I am so much looking forward to National Trea&ure tomorrow night. I'm bringing tissues to manage Sean Bean inspired the drool. And there will be drool. He looks so HOT in the previews, with the longish blond hair. Ahhhh... A girl can dream.


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