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9:51 a.m. - 2004-11-30
End of year resolutions.
How can someone with so much to do be so bored? I have lots of administrative stuff to do today, and I'm procrastinating. I don't know whether procrastinating is better than actually doing hte administrative stuff, but I am miserable.

I want a job that keeps me stimulated and happy. Even if its hard and there are assholes. I at least want to be good at something I enjoy.

Cross your fingers that I am a good girl and pay off all my debt so I can be adventurous and get a city job and a city apartment soon. Its hard not to spend money when I like to eat out and buy things. You wouldn't believe how much money I spend on books. I go through them like water. Its not like I'm buying drugs or anything. I'm really cutting down (not on drugs as forementioned). But its the nickel and diming that's killing me. The fancy soap here, the cuticle cream there, the shoes that fit for a week then stretch out and turn floppy.

Perfume is the hard thing around Christmas. I always want a new perfume at Christmas. Its such a Christmassy thing to buy. I got Dolc3 and Gaban@ S1cily over the summer and now want something new. Its a waste I know. I already have four perfumes to choose from.

Bad Zen.

So I've made several end of year resolutions (because New Year resolutions go by the wayside so easily).

No perfume, no high end make-up (even if the gift is really cool), no fast food, no more shoes (I really have plenty), no specialty items (like camping/hiking gear, electronics, etc.), no pottery (REALLY hard for me, but I have enough) and no more housewears, although the flatware set is really amazing.

I'm cutting down bit by bit. Entertainment, travel and debt payment are the top three priorities. I'll be going moderate on the first two, but I can't cut them out completely. I would be very unhappy.

There it is. My end of year resolution. I'll be out of this hole yet. If only I could figure out how to get out of that Cu&ves membership.


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