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1:02 p.m. - 2004-12-02
A man who speaks to my heart.
I have a new friend. I met him at the local bookstore. He's a soft spoken man in his 50's. An old hippie type with a soft heart and strong delicate beliefs.

I've spoken to him many a time, and he's been wonderful at helping me find music and books to enjoy. He helped me today with a new book, because I my resevoir has run dry. I trust his advice.

The important thing is that he can see into my soul, and he sees something wonderful. Something soft, powerful, intelligent, compassionate -- wonderful. He's a granddad, and there is no sexual chemistry between us. We are just kindred spirits who recognized eachother. I am grateful for him. He sees the things that I know, but deny in myself. He'll be a lifelong friend.


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