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9:44 a.m. - 2004-12-13
Weekend meanderings.
Christmas is off to a great start. I already got one gift certificate to a day spa (whoopee!). I might even have another on the way. That's two wonderful spa treatments. I'm getting one this week to relax me into my little mini vacation with Tod, his sister and her friend in VT. Its going to be a blast! The only thing I'm not looking forward to is looking like the stay puff marshmallow girl in all my wrappings for snow tubing. But better to be warm and dry and stuffed like a teddy bear than cold and wet.

I have a couple of gifts I'd like to pick up while I'm there. Some special cheese that's made in Vermont, and a few odds and ends that need to be gotten to fill out other gifts. I'm finally getting into this thing called Christmas.

Yesterday, I sent the day avoiding my house, because friends of my step-dad's were over for Christmas dinner. My mom has to lock all the rooms we don't want them in (including mine), and she has to clean and disinfect the toilet when they leave. Does that give you a clue as to why I escape? They didn't leave until 10:30 last night. Of course, they don't go to work until 10 or 11. They have no clue that its not OK to stay that late when members of the hosting household have to be at work at 7 or 8. I really hate these people. The last time to was there at the same time, I locked my bedroom door and said I have to work. Several times I heard the handles jiggle on both doors, and it even sounded as if one of them was being picked. I HATE THESE FUCKING MORONS.

But it gave me an opportunity to see the Polar Express, which quite frankly, I found entertaining, but creepy. I don't understand why people love it so much. And how about the class separation with the little boy "from the wrong side of the tracks" on the back of the train? Didn't that bother anyone? Weird.

I think I might be able to enjoy a few days of work peace now. The big, hairy, stinky project was completed Friday, late into the night. A good feeling, but can you say COMP TIME?

Yeah. I'm getting good at it.


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