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12:53 p.m. - 2004-12-14
Needy people and gifts.
Entry 2:

I've about had it with obscure "friends" who consider me their "best or only friend" giving me gifts! I've never exchanged gifts with these people, yet they say things like, "you're the only friend I exchange gifts with." Huh? Since when?

I have a set group of girls that I exchange with. There's the A town set, The Girl from The Bar, and there are the high school/college friends here and there whom I exchange with. Oh yeah, and the Cancun girls.

I look forward to these exchanges. They are true friends whom I enjoy giving gifts of pampering, books, BEER or other indulgences. We never go overboard. Just enough to give the recipient a smile, and a feeling of closeness.

I do not exchange with work friends, and never will. So they'd better stop giving me crap and expecting crap back.
One girl gave me a huge Eliz Ard@n gift set in green tea scent. It must have cost her 60 bucks or more.

#1 - We've never exchanged before.
#2 - I HATE that scent and sold it in my yard sale for five bucks.
#3 - If she thinks she's getting something this year, because she hasn't bothered to make any more friends, she's nuts.
#4 - How can I be her best and only friend if we've never seen eachother outside of work?

Needy people suck.


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