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3:30 p.m. - 2004-12-21
The Vermont trip was a trip.
This little trip to Vermont gets rates as the BEST VACATION EVER!

Not so much because of what we did or saw, but because of the people I met and bonded with.

This is the first vacation where I was able to be in the moment and enjoy every scrap. It all started when I arrived at Tod's house for the rounding up of the troops. I finally got to meet his mom and his sister, of whom I've heard so much.

I discoverd that his sister is a much ramped up version of the man himself. I've always had a thing with Tod. Different from H or Sully. There's a level of attraction, but underlying is a feeling of kinship and caring. That feeling was automatically transfered to his big sis.

She has the same personality, speaks the same language, and takes the stage in any crowd with her wild stories and loud, open laughter. We bonded over our assessments of her brother, and the teasing was unrelenting. He's a much less touchy, grumpy person when he's with his family. He opened up and I saw the lightless inside that he guards so well. It was a pleasure.

Big sis and her friend are avid skiers. They spent the day on the slopes Saturday and decided to have a quiet evening at home with movies and laughter.

Todd and I opted to attend all the events and socialized with event members and locals alike. Everyone was so laid back and cool. We hooked up with a group that had been on previous trips with Tod and spent our late evenings/early mornings in their condo drinking beer and making merry. There were two men (two!!!) who made me melt with attention, compliments and interest. Really good looking, fun and intelligent males who didn't hold back, or obscure their feelings and thoughts.

I could have stayed another few weeks and been perfectly content. I am actually mourning the loss of such fellowship and fun. Tod, Big Sis and I laughed so hard, our stomach muscles were sore. He commented from the back of the SUV on our way back to the airpost that watching his sister and I in the front was like watching a sit com. Two peas in a pod. Six, you're gonna love her.

Just as I was wishing our trip could be extended, we arrived in The City on a sheet of ice which made going home inpossible. I spend the evening talking to Tod's dad till the wee hours after helping describe the hilarity and beauty of Vermont to the parents. They hung on every word. A family of story tellers. I could see that Tod and Big Sis got their penchant for big fish stories and hamminess from their dad.

We were all sad to go our separate ways in the morning, promising to get the next trip planned as soon as possible. I hope it happens. In fact, I'll make it happen.


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