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9:56 a.m. - 2004-12-22
Beautiful men.
I'm so sick. Sinus, etc. infections again. I went back on strong antibiotics last night and am feeling negligably better than I did yesterday or Monday. I'm sick of being sick. At least I had good health for the trip. That's the important thing.

I completely forgot to tell you. I kinda met the most perfectly ME man on the plane ride back from New Hampshire Sunday night. He was a coach on a Junior League hockey team. Sitting right behind me! And I didn't notice until we got out of our seats to get our bags. Dammit! If I had known he was back there, I would have sat next to him instead of Tod's sister. Sorry Big Sis!

I think she would have understood. This guy as a retired pro hockey player, looked a little like Dauber from Coach, but more handsome and rugged. And he was HUGE! And very sweet.

I tried finding the team on the net, because I thought it would be nice of me to write something complimentary to him (wink, wink). But I can't find anything on them. Ces't la vie.


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