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11:14 a.m. - 2005-01-03
Thank God for hot men and alcohol.
Finally! It took two alcoholic drinks and a shitload of smokey bar to get me feeling well again. Go figure...

I met Elliot! Sixweasel's Elliot, the kitten. I'm in love already. She's a spitfire of a tomboy. Everything is an adventure, like a little boy running through his house in a rigged up cape, brandishing a sword from his toy box. Its the funniest thing to watch. She's da bomb.

I've watched K1ing Arthur about 4 times now since I got it for Christmas. Its the director's cut, so I've watched not only the narrated version, but the version with pop-up trivia. God that's one hell of a beautiful man candy movie. Plus, the story rocks. But, really, its Cl1ve Owen and the rest of his gang that keep me interested. I admit it. I even watched the round table discussion with the director, producer and cast twice. I'm such a slut.

I also made a new discovery this past weekend. I finally, after years of searching, found out the name of a song I've been obsessed with since Cancun. Its called Sandstorm, by D@rude. Its probably old hat to lots of dancing fools out there, but I've only heard it on vacation in hot places. The first time I danced to it was with a Brazillian, dressed in tight black, with sultry eyes and wandering hands. It was lovely. Now, I can buy it for myself.

Yes, yes, I know. Slutty again. Ah well. Life is short, no?


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