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9:40 a.m. - 2005-01-13
The big movement.
Yay! I'm in. I'm in! The pee-ons get to write now!!!

I have finished pondering the state of the Zencelt, and made a decision about how the life of the Zencelt is going to proceed.

I'm movin' out baby! I have a financial plan in place that will make the end of March the perfect time to move into a solo apartment and away from the toxic environment in which I live.


Cheap, safe and clean apartment, here I come! It is so much more important to my inner peace to be in a new home rather than stay in the one I'm in to pay off stupid ass debt. That will come with the inner peace.

And for those of you concerned about my tits, ass and other body parts, they still hurt, dammit. But, it's that no pain, no gain kinda hurt, so I guess its OK. I have another session today that will focus on abs. I'll be a whiney bitch tomorrow, just you wait. Especially when I show up for belly dancing class doubled over from lactic acid build-up in my ab muscles.

Oh yeah, belly dancing class! I'm hoping to gain more fluidity in my hips and back through eastern dance. I'm flexible, but grace in movement is what belly dancing will offer. Spine issues suck...


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