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4:12 p.m. - 2005-01-13
The arrogance.
Entry 2 -

I sooo agree with Batten's rant on the Christians wanting to convert children despite the fact they are traumatized and need the comfort of their own religion and culture in Thailand. It angers me to no end how Christian aid orgs only give if they receive loyalty in return. It harkens back to medieval times when life was exchanged for servitude and conversion to the faith of the stronger opponent.

How far have we NOT come in the last few thousand years? In third world countries, such as Haiti, children are lured with promises of candy and pizza parties into churches where they are brainwashed against their parents, their culture and their religion. If they do not cooperate, no pizza for them. These orgs are the ultimate pigs, taking advantage of children in horrific circumstances in order to "add to the flock and save them from eternal damnation."

I feel that I need to say that there are exceptions, because I know that there are. But what is happening to those kids in Aceh is disgusting. I hope their gov't is wise to what's going on, cares, and has the resources to offer a better situation for the kiddos.

I am not anti-Christian by any means. I grew up in the Catholic church, and think it was a decent way to start out. I am no longer a devout, practicing, or even faithful member anymore, but it was a home away from home for a long time. I would never have coerced the helpless to join me in my devotion in order to feed and house them. Not even when I believed.

Please let me be wrong about this arrogant, careless act.


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