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4:41 p.m. - 2005-01-17
An Outing
Entry number two (I really mean it.):

Bad news - She did it again. She ate a crab cake for lunch. I had to use the men's room to pee. It snowed here last night, so almost everyone else is working from home. So I deemed it safe to break with American custom and use the potty of the opposite sex.

Good news - I get to go dancing this weekend! Boring friends from home are going to The City for an evening out at a club. I'm dragging along Six, Sully, Tod, Mardis Gras Mike and any other fun friend I can muster to make it a blast! Two of my worlds will collide in a big way. It'll be a trip just watching the prissy girls interact with the, how do I describe them, opposite of prissy boys.



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