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2:48 p.m. - 2005-01-18
New new new
Big Update!!!

You own personal Zencelt has been promoted. Yup! I am now going to do some sort of process engineering/public relations sort of crap for the tech side of my company. Pretty cool, huh? Every time I get close to leaving they throw a bone. My new manager is pretty cool too.

I love having new things to do. I live for it. Even if it is work and not fun. Maybe I'll like my job better now??? Who knows.

BTW - My muscles are getting back to their old non-painful selves. My thighs are pretty tight from all the lunges and ball squats (yeah, yeah, I hear ya, but that's what they're called, really). But not deadly. My trainer turned into Debbie Allen from Fame and screamed at me to work harder and sweat more. Remember that intro? Pain and sweat she said. Yeah. I got it.


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