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9:38 a.m. - 2005-01-19
Jobs with dogs.
Thank you my public for the congratulatory notes (waving much like a queen)... I'm pretty psyched. The company still sucks monkey balls, but this may be something I can sink my teeth into for a bit.

I had more blood sucked out this AM. Hopefully we'll see better numbers for cholesterol and triglycerides with all the exercise and fiber. Did I mention fiber? Yeah... No prunes though. I'm way too young for prunes, but I'm not above eating a high fiber muffin or tortilla on a daily basis.

Speaking of food, you should have been there last night. My pup was having cravings something fierce last night. She kept staring me down, willing me with her big brown eyes to give her munchies. She went through a banana, a carrot, a bowl of ice and a popcycle and still demanded treats. Not wanting to make her a pudgepup, I looked for something with a satisfying crunch and found an ice cream cone (just the cone mind you). It was so freakin' funny. She lunged at it like it was going to eat HER, and got her lower jaw stuck inside. Her little black nose was all squished up against the upper part of the opening and god, if I had had a camera with me, I would have found away to post a picture.

I think I may have an unnatural attachment to my dog. She is an animal. Not a child. But whenever I'm sitting with a gaggle of women who are discussing what little Johnny, or Little Katie did last week that was sooooo funny, I pitch in how my dog did something similar. I even give child rearing advise based upon my dog training expertise. I swear by the "leave it" command. Children, animals, junkies and pervy old men alike respond well to it.


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