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9:49 a.m. - 2005-01-22
A night of celebration.
I saw another penis last night. I'm afraid it wault, because I shouldn't have been looking at the men's room. But, the man who went into the men's room had just been dancing for my benefit (I didn't really get any benefits from it) and made a huge stumbling run for it, so he had my attention anyway. But he stood, propping the door open with his ass, produced his willy, THEN closed the door and did what men do in restrooms. Pee on the floor I suppose.

I can't say what size the willy was, I looked away quickly because it was not a welcome sight. But, there you go. Another penis sighting.

Ryan was thoroughly tanked at his going away party. He got lots of attention, beers, shots and champagne as were his due. Then he got laid. So I assume. I heard the lady from his office launch a hard offensive in his direction, then they left together. Yay Ryan!

I'm off to home soon, the flakes have just begun to sprinkle. Sully begged me to stay with him last night so we could get snowed in together. I just can't fathom the amount of anxiety being snowed in with Sully, his mouth, his ass and his 80's movies would cause me. Besides, I am dying for a warm bubble bath with something good smelling from Lu$h popped in.

Remember, you are all supposed to entertain me while I'm snowed in this weekend. I'll hold you to it.


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