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9:03 p.m. - 2005-01-22
Dreamy work man.
Entry two:

Oh crap! I'm always forgetting something. I have a new work crush. Actually, an old one, but still. I worked on a project with him last year, and he was super sweet. We bonded.

I just saw him last week in my building. He looked soooooo good. Came up to me and asked if I wanted to see his closet. (Hee, hee.) It was actually a utility sort of room where all sorts of technological things happen. So we were in there, and we small talked, and I was getting all out of sorts, having cruise waiter flashbacks -- you know, with the utility closet and all. So I bolted.

He is just the coolest guy. One of the most interestine and attractive ones (with hair anyway) I've ever met. And he has this understated sense of wit that makes me roll off my chair.

Want to have it...

Can't have it because I work with it though. I just wish he worked closer to me so I could indulge a bit more frequently. That would be dreamy... A reason to get up in the morning M-F.


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