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7:42 p.m. - 2005-01-22
Snow and dicks go together like peas and carrots.
Bulletin to Siweasels:
No it was not Scottie Too Hottie's penis I saw. It belonged to that creepy guy with the big glasses who asked me to help him decide which bar to go to next. The deciding factor was that one had better hookers than the other. Go figure. Eeew.

The bonus is I didn't see enough of "it" to determine whether it was small or not, so the lifting of the curse still appears to be in effect. Woo hoo!

On the down side, I think I've become enough of a fixture at The Bar that the guys no longer have qualms about talking shit to me anymore. I miss the days when they said "excuse me" when they said fuck, or asshole. Even Sully has lost his mystique and poses no buffer at all. Bastard slobbers on the bar a couple of times and they lose all fear of him. We need H to make an apperance or two to balance the tables once again, or I'll have to pull out a can of proverbial whuppass on the clientelle to make them behave in a more gentlemanly fashion.

The Lady in Waiting for the Princess of Assholia deserves a bit of respect too.

I made it home safe and sound this morning, but there was much carnage along the way. In The City, things wee all clear, but 1/2 hour into the trip it got ugly. Tractor trailers and cars rolled over in the medians. I did pretty well. Didn't slip once. One more reason to love my 9 year old car. She's a fierce little vehicle in the snow.

I took that bubble bath I was talking about earlier and read a good part of a new book. Two hours and much hot water later, I emerged an aquatic animal. A wrinkly one too. I know its bad for my skin, but there's nothing quite so girly and relaxing.

Its 11 pm and I'm heading to bed. A pretty sorry Saturday night. Tomorrow I'm going for a nice long walk in my snowboots, and will attemt to make a sled out of a Hefty bag to ride down the hill on. I don't predict success, but its the effort, you know?


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