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12:31 p.m. - 2005-01-26
A new experience.
Entry 2:
I had a new experience last night. A bi-sexual woman told me I was beautiful. Right in my own home town. Lesbians tend to run screaming from me in an unexplained fit of anger. But bi-sexual women tend to think I'm OK.

I was invited out last night by a friend and her husband to hang with their pool league. The bar was small, smokey and filled with rednecks. Just like The Bar. So I felt right at home. The bi-sexual was the one who started the league, apparently. She seemed friendly enough, and bought me a couple of lottery type tickets to play. I figured it was because I was new and she was taking care of me.

It was actually because she thought I was attractive. Whodathunk? I had no clue, until my friend called me this morning and told me. Then I was like, oh yeah, I thought that handshake was a little weird. Because she shook, then squeezed. You know what I mean?

I'm sorta glad I didn't know what the deal was at the time, because it would have made me feel uncomfortable. I would have felt the need to explain about how I am in love with the dick, and have no desire to play with a coochie. Not that an explanation is always necessary, but I would have felt awkward anyway.

I'm glad she didn't get uptight vibes from me though. That's progress in the right direction. I want to feel comfortable with every sort of person, and I want them to feel the same with me. Zen and everything.


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