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9:21 a.m. - 2005-01-27
Another boob man.
I just got the news from Sixweasels that Elliot the cat demolished one of my prized Felina Harlow bras, a pretty purple one, because I left it at her house, probably hanging over the shower bar, on a doornob or under a bed somewhere.

Harlows are my favoritist bras of all time. They are sexy, comfy, and support the girls like a billionaire husband.

But, I just can't get mad at Elliot the cat. That's how smitten with the kitten I am.

Besides, if I leave anything in the weasel household, the fault lies with me. Houses with animals and children make personal belingings fair game. I'll have to watch that in future.

Hey Six, looks like the cat is inducting himself into the Inner Circle. He's officially a boob man.


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