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8:42 a.m. - 2005-01-31
Weekend rundown.
What I did this weekend:

Absolutely nothing. It was snowing, I had nobody to play with, the folks were out of town (yippee!), and I watched more movies with the pup. I think she has a thing for Paul Bett@ny. We watched Wimbledon together, and she was glued to him. He's cute, no doubt, and I've really enjoyed his charactors, but he's not really my type. The pup is developing her own individual taste in her old age. But, she's still a Vin fan.

I have now lost 7 lbs on the twigs and water diet. I'm not sure if its the twigs or the water. I'm surviving though. Thank god I can still eat yogurt. Its one of my most favoritist foods ever.


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