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9:09 a.m. - 2005-02-03
A musical journey.
Total amount of music files on your computer?

14. I just discovered Napster and made a CD of all my old favorites.

Last CD you bought?

The new Phantom Soundtrack. Its so much more intense and raw than the broadway original.

Song you last listened to?

Carmina Burana by Carl Orff. I wanted to shake things up this AM in the shower.

The absolutely weirdly over the top video?

I haven't really watched many videos, but I would venture a guess that anything with a Jackson would be a bit weirdly over the top.

Five songs you often listen to that mean a lot to you?

1. Love Shack - B52s. Everytime I hear it, it reminds me that its OK to laugh at myself for dating a gay man for 3.5 years. Oops! I still have to get Six or someone else do the gayometer test for me. I'm clueless.

2. Chains - Fleetwood Mac - Makes me feel spunky and relaxed at the same time. Always puts me in the mood to have long conversations and dig into someone's soul. Or dig into a big, blad ugly man. Depending on the inspiration.

3. It's a Sin - Petshop Boys. Takes me back to Belgium, 16, discovering European boys for the first time. Being treated as an adult. Going clubbing with my host sister and her euro football star boyfriend. Meeting blonde, blue eyed northern Italian boys at the beach by the U.N. building. Going to mass still drunk, then cleaning the house to do penance.

4. Sandstorm - Darude. Makes me shake my groove thing and feel trancy. I first heard it at Daddio's in Cancun when a beautiful Brazillian boy in tight black clothes took my hand, walked me onto the stage, and proceeded to teach me how to dance. All night. There's a memory I want to keep.

5. Whiskey Girl/I Love this Bar - Toby Keith I think (Don't kill me Six if I got it wrong!) OK. I don't seek them out, but they do remind me of all my lovely bar boys. Mardis Gras Mike, Goose, H, all my favorite fixes. I just replace the line with "little vodka girl." Trust me, you hear them over and over at The Bar any given night.

Bonus track - I've got friends in low places - Hank William's Jr. - Reminds me of every St. Patty's Day party Sully ever threw. Making out with 19 year old boys when I'm over 30, dragging H into the office upstairs for a shag with hoards of people in the house merry making, standing by the chiminea to keep warm outside, cuddling with big, leatehr coated biker dudes to keep warm, two fisting bottles of vodka to "keep them safe", falling on my ass due to too much vodka, hanging with Six and all of our old college buddies, remeniscing about the Old Days.

Pass this quiz on to -

Lotabug - Because she never writes and I don; tcall her often enough to get "The Scoop." And she has very interesting taste in music.

Divamel - 'Cause she is so damn funny, blunt and irreverant.

ArcAngel666 - Just because he's Michael and he needs to entertain himself between barf festivals.


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