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3:45 p.m. - 2005-02-03
Beautiful ugly men.
Entry two:

I was at the bookstore having tea with a good friend yesterday after work. We were having one of those deep, intimate conversations about feelings, family, etc. Then HE walked in. 6 feet of well built, great assed, 40 something, curly haired goodness. He looked like a softer looking Sean Be@n, with long blonde curles.

I went from giving advice on how to talk to a teenaged girl about experimenting with sexuality, to staring, open mouthed across the room at this beautiful man. J followed my gaze, and said to me, "I understand completely." I've never seen anything so beautifully ugly in my entire life in person. I could picture him in a role on Lord of the R1ngs so very easily.

Knowing that God only gives us these gifts once in a blue moon, I chose to continue appreciating the view, until he sat down, with his beautiful back to me. Damnit! (I actually said damnit out loud.) Then he lifted up his fine ass and turned his chair more in my direction so I'd have a better view. And grinned, the bastard!

Having negelcted my friend overlong at this point, I turned back to the conversation at hand and got lost in it. So much so that I never saw him leave.

It was a treat and a half. I do so love big, beautifully ugly men.


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