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9:48 a.m. - 2005-02-07
Weekend rundown.
Saturday was one of those few precious days when Six and I got to spend some sister time together, without the presence of Sully and his amazing ass, The Bar, or any other of our favorite things/people. We haven't done that in a while. The afternoon was spent drinking pints of Woodpecker Cider, affectionately called A Pecker by your very own Zen.

(Must have something to do with being 33 and single. Everything's a dick.)

Not that assholery was not had. There was the bawdy balledier with the hard-on song. Yeah... Hard-on songs in the middle of the afternoon. And you aren't supposed to SAY hard-on, you are supposed to say something creative and vague, yet people know exactly what you're talking about. For Pete's Sake.

Yesterday, Superbowl day, was spent sleeping till noon at Six's, then spending time with a couple of the Cancun girls, and some cool people from work. They were all talking about a trip to San Diego, Santa Monica or Malibu this April. My other option is Las Vegas. Since Six is going to Vegas, I might hook up with her and entertain myself during the day. The company would be better in Vegas, in the evenings at least, and the room is free. And since I don't gamble, its a pretty cheap trip.

So, there is hope on the horizon for a vacation of some sort.


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