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3:55 p.m. - 2005-02-16
Birthday Broadcast
I just want to take a moment to say -- I'm so freakin' happy there's a new Vin D1esel movie coming out. So happy...

I'm using the two gift cetificates I received for Christmas to get a free massage tomorrow after work. If it weren't L0ST night, I'd hit the movies too, but I think I may reserve Hotel Rw@nda for tomorrow night. I'm not going to the gym until I'm off the antibiotics, because they are kinda kicking my ass. So there's plenty of time for pampering.

Have I mentioned how very much I like The K1llers? I totally groove to their thing.

"somebody told me, you had a boyfriend,
who looked like a girlfriend,
that I had in February of last year..."

How great is that? The deep, urgent background strings are so motivating. There's something a little retro about their sound, and they do it so well. I'd really enjoy a concert. My BIRTHDAY is coming up next month after all. If you have to turn 34, you should have a concert to ring in the new age. (Shameless broadcast.)

No I am NOT one of those women who get all angsty and depressed about getting older. Next year, when I hit 35, I expect strippers, banners, balloons and champagne. And presents and vodkas and hugs, and kisses, and...

Anything for attention.


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