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9:29 a.m. - 2005-02-18
Weird day.
First off - Go give my hero Gnomad a huge congratulations!!! I will be following in his footsteps one day in grand style - though maybe not with ink.

; )

Several crazy things happened yesterday.

1) Went out to lunch, and my waitress looked me dead in the eye as I was leaving and said, "Blessed be." This is the third encounter with a witch I've has in the last few months, who thought I was a witch too. Did I miss something? Hmmm.

2) On my way to a free massage apt with my favorite of all favorites therapist, I almost witnessed an accident where a lady killed a pedestrian. At least I think she did. Traffic stopped downtown, and she came running up behind me, screaming "he was right in front of my car..." and got the police officer in front of me to go look. When she got back to the van she was driving and looked in front of it, she let out a blood curdling, anguished, horrific scream. Then more police came up, and shuffled those of us who didn't witness anything on our way. I can still hear her scream. Its haunting me.

3) At the massage place, I told MT (massage therapist) what happened, and she immediately lit sandlewood incense, and sprayed the room down with vanilla and lavender and settled me into the bed with warm blankets and soothing music. Bless her. Midway through the massage, when she got to my ticklish feet, she told me I was meant to be an MT. We had never discussed it. She said I had strong karma for it. All the more reason to follow in Gnomad's footsteps, huh?

4) I went to see Hotel Rw@nda last night (which was AMAZING) and fifteen minutes from the end, strobe lights flashed, and an announcement came on the PA that there was a fire, and we had to get out NOW. We went out the emergency exit (very exciting) and went to the front of the theatre, where we collected free passes for another movie and went home.

I'm much looking forward to an evening of assholery, to say the least.


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