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9:54 a.m. - 2005-02-26
An evening of assholery and more to come.
You know you've been Sullied when you're on your fifth Budweiser and you thik that Bud is the foulest beverage made with hops. But I swear, it tasted like cloves after the Pecker Ciders and Hefe Weissens. Don't ask...

Six got a nice complement from a man who looked like a cast member from Wrong Turn. 6'3", bald, except for a few foot long straggling hairs around his ears and forhead which he combed back. He went up to Sully and said, "So, what's the deal with those two (or something like that) indicating Six and I." So, Sully, being quick on his feet, said, "that there's my sister (pointing to Six), and that there's her good friend (me)." Oh, he says. You know, when you've got testosterone, there's only a couple things you can do with it. You can kill someone, or you know..." (looking at the backs of our heads.) Six probably remembers the conversation a bit better than me. But it was one of those moments where I just didn't know whether to laugh my ass off, or pray for deliverence (pun intended). Thank goodness for the ever experienced and diplomatic Sully.

We went back to The Bar later in the evening. We were surprised when Ryan, H and Tod showed up. It was about 1am so they joined for that last hour before closing time. H kept looking at me funny, and I have to say, there is nothing left of the attraction I once felt. Not a bit. He sat there brooding, looking miserable, answering his phone every five minutes when his teenaged daughter would call asking when he was coming home.

I don't know what's going on there, but aren't teenagers supposed to have parties or something when their parents are out of the house on a weekend evening? Her older brother was home too. Anyway, the kid called constantly, and he was only gone a hour and only three miles from home.

And Sully wonders why I don't want him anymore.

He was good enough to tote us back in his Mystery Van. And Tod, being up to his usual antics, grabbed me as I exited the van in a big, wet, sloppy, hair grabbing, shirt disrobing kiss. I'm sure it was just to piss off H. But it was so adorable anyway.

I do love my boys, with all their neuroses.

Tonight we get to meet MYEXODUS. Go read her. I am dying to spend some time with this woman. BATTEN and EASTPORTGRL are coming too. Its going be a regular homecoming at Sixweasel's family bar. Assholery will be had.


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