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1:24 p.m. - 2005-03-10
Survey because I'm anxious
Number 3 - antsy right now... Swiped from Tacie77

Using Mapquest, how many miles is it from your house to your parents' house?
Total Est. Time: 0 minutes. Total Est. Distance: 0.01 miles

What major city is closest to where you were born?
Washington D.C.

Google your first and last name, in quotes. How many results were found?
52,300 Wow! I'm popular. (Not really.)

What room in your house is too small?
The whole house is too small with those living in it.

What room is too large?
Oh please...

Name of your third grade teacher:
Don't remember. She was a nun though.

How much money did you make at your first job?
$3.45 at a state park digging .

Favorite cheese:
Laughing Cow and Grafton, VT aged cheddar

Name(s) of your next door neighbor(s):
Don't know, but they're all old as dirt and don't come out.

Kind of music you can't stand:

Last thing bid on on ebay:
Never done it.

How much cash is in your wallet?
Just a bunch of change.

Weird fears:
That my co-workers will give me Ebola.


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