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11:11 a.m. - 2005-03-21
A year without Assholery.
I just have to say, with all my heart, that I have the best friends in the world.

As I lay on my bed, feeling more sorry for myself than I have a right to, Six, Batten, Eastportgrl, The Berzerker, Mr. Weasel and more called to wish my a Happy St. Paddy's and let me in on the assholery that was Sullyfest. I was able to see it all in my head, the fire, the Berzerker on fire, the Viticus/soaked strawberry consuming Eastportgrl, the happy dancing Batten, the Princess of Assholia surrounded by her ladies in waiting and noble knights of lore, and to top it all off - the ever mysterious (at least to the rest of the crew) Mr. Weasel getting footloose and fancyfree at the holiest of all holy days in Assholia.

I even understand that there is a wedding to look forward to in Assholia. (No, it was not an alcohol induced state of matrimonial urges materialized at Sullyfest - though it could happen). Brian is getting married folks! I have no idea to whom, but there you have it. And there go any evil/girlie intentions I may have had toward him, but I am happy as could be that he has found a lifemate in ... someone. I hate to be left out! I must know!!!

So another year, another drunken bout of revelry for the asshole crew. I'll just have to party even harder next year.


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