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9:10 a.m. - 2005-03-28
Blatent beg for Birthday wishes.

Its my Birthday! Woo hoo! I'm officially 34 now.

I had a combined Birthday dinner/Easter dinner yesterday with the family. It wasn't too ugly. The incubator has been rather pleasant since the new hormones have kicked in. 2 months to new nephew.

I got a gift certificate for a massage (yippee!) and one for Borders book store (also a yippee). I'm a very happy camper.

The weekend wasn't all it should have been, meaning no clean boys were available for a smooch. I mean really, there were no men with a full set of teeth and good hygiene around AT ALL. Cal did kiss me, on the head. Which is fine, because, I'm telling you, the man is adorable, and brilliant, seriously. But, he's got no teeth! Well, he has three. He simply doesn't believe that he needs to replace them, because he doesn't have to look at them. Therefore, the lack of teeth is the problem of whoever is looking at him.

So, I reserve him for good conversations on his good days (because he has a pretty pronounced split personality, and the other one is UGLY!).

Six got me a prize from Vegas. It was slut cream and virgin cream. The slut cream comes with sparkles. Let it be known, that with the lack of decent Manage around, I used the virgin cream on my hands to keep the hounds at bay.

Speaking of hounds, you should have seen the spectacle surrounding Six Saturday evening. We were at The Bar, and all the nasty old men thought they were entitled to a smooch from the proprietor's daughter. It was so gross. She had to wash her hands at one point, because this nasty old carc-ASS kept kissing one of them. Eeewww!

Nast old men should keep themselves to themselves.


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