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9:36 a.m. - 2005-04-07
Zen update
Well, I still don't feel sick... (Looking over my shoulder for bullets aimed my way...)

My glands are still swollen though. I should get the blood test results back today. That will rule out cancer, mono, cat scratch disease, and a whole host of bacteria/viruses, etc. Friday I go off for a Cat Scan to see what's up in my sinuses because I've had 4 infections in 4 months. My bet is on the sinus thing, although I'm not having symptoms right now. My boss and coworker are sick with flu symptoms now, so I wonder if it is really something bacterial (remember the fire poop?). Who knows.

We'll see. The doctor did say that these symptoms don't commonly reflect any communicable disease, I mean, I'd have to run up and kiss someone to transfer any mono type illness - so there's very low risk of me spreading something around. So I'm at work, but keeping very much to myself and carrying hand sanitizer in my pocket just in case. And there's really nobody at work I'd like ot kiss. Except that one guy, but I think he might be married, so I'll refrain from an attack across the boardroom table.

Happy news on the apartment, the cleaning lady is finished and the new blinds have been hung. I don't think the stove is replaced yet, but I'm going tonight to check it out.


That looks so good...


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