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11:28 a.m. - 2005-04-12
Apartment updates and a self portrait.
The apartment thing is really starting to shape up. I'm pouring over phone and cable service websites, trying to get the best deal. I've got some cleaning to do this week, because the cleaning service never does as well as I would, right off the bat. Not that I'll keep it up all the time, but the first cleaning has to be squeeky.

I found some furniture that I needed at a flea market, but am still trying to find a small dining room table. I may end up getting one at Km@rt or T@rget for 199.00, but I'm holding off, because I have to buy two air conditioners. Its getting warm here, and I am definately of the polar bear variety unless I'm in the water. Plus, I WILL NOT go into further debt to furnish my apartment. (Bad Zencelt for even thinking it.)

Not much else happening. I'm on day two of the uber antibiotics, so we'll see how the glands react. I'm crossing my fingers for a quick deflating.


(( ))

Self portrait by Zencelt.


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