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2:15 p.m. - 2005-04-14
I think the anti-biohazards are doing their job, slowly but surely. Its a good think I'm a yogurt fanatic, because I've invested lots of cash in Blue Bunny Carb Freedom Vanilla Yogurt in order to keep my bacteria in balance. These things are pretty important.

Good news on the apartment front. It is about half clean, and I have met three very handsome and nice men about my age that live in the surrounding apartments. I knew I had a good feeling about this place. It has such good vibes, inside and out. Cute neighbors help out a great deal. Now I REALLY can't wait to move.

I've got shelves to put up tonight, the rest of the blinds to wash, the kitchen and storage closet to wash out and a new TV stand from a flea market to paint. Very cool stuff.

Once I get a dining room table and chairs, a coffee table, a clothes rack and two air conditioners, I'll be set for life. Or until I fall madly head over heels in love and move into a bigger place with some big, ugly, preferable bald hunk of man. A man that size wouldn't fit very well into this place. Although it has cathedral ceilings, its pretty snug. Perfect for me. But like a Barbie house for big ugly types.

The best part of all? This weekend I will be retrieving my special girlie toy box which has been living in exile at Sixweasels' place for the last year. Yes, aside from NOT living with Mommie Dearest, the return of the dildo is the greatest thing about the apartment.

I'm such the HO.

Maybe that's why I've been having all those crazy fun dreams lately. I thought it was the meds...


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