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9:07 a.m. - 2005-04-18
New developments.
I think I've had my first lesbian crush. Or at least, the first lesbian who's had a crush on me. I had the girl blushing just reading out of the passover ceder booklet. Most lesbians run from me shouting expletives over their shoulders. I must put out a bad vibe.

This one though seemed to think I was cute. Which is cool, because I like to think of myself as socially liberal and open minded. I even supported the gay marriage thing. So I feel much cooler now that a lesbian thinks I'm cute.

I wish it had been the bag-piper at the birthday that Six went to though. A large hairy man in a skirt is just so much more enticing than a woman of any sort. I'm not lesbian, or bi-sexual (in case you hadn't guessed by now). I don't even like men who are too pretty, because they look like lesbians. Ah well.

The ceder was fun, but they made me watch N@poleon Dyn@mite after, and except for the hispanic cousins in the suped up car, it was boring and stupid as hell. Not even the kind of stupid that's funny to me. Two hours of my life wasted.

At least I avoided a drunken H who thinks I want "some of this" to quote the large hairy man himself. I've just lost that luvin' feeling for the goober. At least when he speaks. When he stays quiet, he's still pretty attractive.

All the apartment scrubbing is done, but there is so much more to do. I didn't realize how many boxes what I had in my mom's house would make up. Most of my stuff is in storage, but there are towels, toiletries, shoes, clothes, the TV, VCR and DVD. Music, etc. It feels like I've never be finished. Oh yeah, and all my art. I don't know where any of that is going though.

Its all a big pain in the ass. But worth the end result. Still, I swear I'm never moving again.

And those friends who's children are my god children, and I've given them loads of moolah to get them through the tough spots? Where are they? "Its the most hectic week ever... Oh yeah, but do you want to baby sit our un-disciplined children while we go on vacation next week?" Uuuhh, NO.

I did get B to help me move my desk and chair over yesterday though. It was the least he could do.



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