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9:22 a.m. - 2005-04-25
I'm home and the ellusive dildo.
Oh God, tragedy upon tragic tragedies. I LOST THE KEY TO THE BOX THAT MY DILDO LIVES IN! I finally collected it from Six's closet (where it was residing while I lived in my Roman Catholic mother's house - you just don't leave dildo's laying around in environments like that. It taints them.). So, I collected it, went to my mom's house to get the keys, put them in my pocket, got home, and THEY ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now, I have a dildo, but no key to open the box it lives in. Could I be more of an idiot? And I can't just replace it. I've never seen as high quality a piece as this one in a store, and the house party company I bought it from is no longer selling it. They have some cheap bunny piece of shite, but no pearl panthers anymore.


Anyone have a blow torch they could open the metal file box with without damaging the merchandise?

And to top it all off, H was out Saturday night and was in such a pissy mood that it wasn't even worth the energy to try to jump him. He was pissy and standoffish all night, till I finally passed out on Sully's couch at 3am and THEN, he got all sweet, and tucked me in, and stared at me for a few minutes before taking off to the H abode.

Which was fine, because I had my BOB in the car for when I got home. But, you know the story there...

All tragic events aside, I am HOME my friends. The town has welcomed me with open arms, there are big ugly men in the neighborhood, I have a tab at the coffee house downstairs, and I have been initiated into the town Arts Society. This happened when I went downstairs for a coffee and ran into a Poetry Reading where I met writers, water color and oil painters, sculptors and more. As liberal as they come, and warm as hot cinnamon rolls right out of the oven. I was greeted, and questioned and given a membership without reservation.

And, I've been sleeping like a lamb since the day I moved in.

Home indeed.


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