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11:09 a.m. - 2005-05-03
What I loser I am with money.
Entry Two:

I ma a financial idoit. My credit cards are spent up (over 20,000 worth), my bank just sent them double payments, which they cannot retrieve because the credit cards have already received them, and my overdraft credit line (5000) is almost at limit.

And its only May 2!

How in the world do I make the salary that I do and screw up this royally? I mean, I'm not rich by any stretch, but for a single gal, I got money.

I have no clue. It doesn't help that my bank gave away 600 bucks of my cashflow either.

I bought the Suze Orman book "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke" (= me), and am hoping to find answers. Something has got to get through to my brain that when you add numbers, and they get too high, you don't need all that crap you're buying!

So, maybe, telling D-land about the enormous amount of debt I've accrued will help me to be accountable, and maybe you nice folks will ream me out, slap my wrist, give me advice, or tell me off. Whatever input those who've been where I am would give would be gratefully taken.

I suck so bad...

For the record, my bills are:
credit card
credit card
overdraft line of credit
cell phone
ISP (soon to be closed out)
storage unit (soon to be closed out)

Not that bad, right? A loser, I am.

Don't even tell me I'm not.


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