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9:32 a.m. - 2005-05-03
Just a funny -

I was telling my mom last night that Sixweasels had started on another book and she asked me, "is it pornographic?"

At which point, I fell onto the floor and laughed it up with the doggie.

Not that she thinks Six is a perv or anything, she just wanted to know if she would be able to read it with her Roman Catholic eyes once its published. So, I told her that yes, she would be able to read it, but might have to read the love scenes really quickly, because if you read them quick, its like they never happened.

Even my mother can be a source of entertainment at times.

I got notice yesterday morning after I'd already arrived at work that the maintenance man was going to come in and open the attic window, and close off the heaters for the season yesterday afternoon. It was then that I remembered, that there was a pile of bras and undies on the floor, right in the middle, waiting to be washed. Oh well. At least I threw out all the ratty stuff prior to the move.

Oh, is it Friday yet?


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