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4:30 p.m. - 2005-05-04
The exodus...
Entry two:

My POE (Place of Employment) has been getting rid of people all week. Kinda makes a Zen nervous, expecially with all the personal money mismanagement going on. That's what happens when a Zen works for a big big company that saves $ by making people and departments go away. One of my close friends was affected (J's hubby), but he had a few applications out anyway - so hopefully it'll pan out for the best.

I'm going home now. I figure if I get here tomorrow and all my stuff is in a box, I'll head over to McDonaldos and start ringing up mad cow patties and fried potato slices for a living. It would lead to a much less stressed Zen, but then, I'd have to find a sugar daddy to feed and clothe me and keep me in booze. And that just isn't the Zen way. So, here's hoping they want me to stick around for a little while.

Happy day before Cinco de Mayo!


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