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6:20 p.m. - 2005-05-05
Between Six and I -- new jobs all around. The axe is still falling all around me at work, and I keep getting lucky. If you can call still working a job I don't like in fact hate lucky???

Aside from the fact that I'm the perfect mix of asshole and goober and desperately need the money (a circumstance that I fully believe will teach me good Buddhist things one day), I really would like to start another career.

OK, again, self-flaggelation is over.

I really wanted to write about Deadwood. I watched my fifth episode tonight (I'm kinda in the middle) and I am so into Jane's charactor. She is the funniest thing since South Park. Seriously. And that Al guy? He just had the surgery on his willie, and that made me feel sorry for him, and I'm beginning to like his charactor a little too.

I watch as episode a night. Can't wait to catch up the the new ones on Sunday night's. Good stuff.


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