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3:03 p.m. - 2005-05-05
More on me being a dumbass.
Wanna hear something REALLY pitiful? I actually have less money than I thought I did. Surprise! So I cleared 70 buckaroos out of my savings to put in my checking. That should be enough to clear the checks and automated payments that I KNOW are out there, but I'm paranoid.

So now, I'm down to my change jar. I rolled up all my coinage and managed to get 40 bucksa out of it.

If I'm really lucky, I'll get my check back from the feds and have a little extra to float me through next week. I guess I'm eating at mom's and taking leftovers all week. Oh yeah, and doing my laundry there because I'm fresh out of quarters.

Am I 34 or 18? this is the kind of crap I had to deal with back in college when I only made %20 a week. I'm such a dumbass.

Anyway - its only for one week. I can stop the pity party now. There are those who are MUCH MUCH worse off than me, lemme tell ya. Like people who don't have a job, or suppsrt families on a pitance. So not only do I feel like loser for getting here, but I feel like a loser for whining. In fact, erase this entry from your memory - right now!

Go, do it.

I'm keeping it up, though, to remind me not to be a dumbass, even if I move again and "have" to get stuff.



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