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1:07 p.m. - 2005-05-06
House humor.
Entry two:

Does anyone else think that Dr. House of the show "House" is super sexy? He may have an eww factor for most ladies, but I seriously "want to have it".

Its really the coolest show. Kind of a cross between E.R. and The X Files, with a South Park irreverance.

Anyway, Dr. House's quirkiness and irreverant sense of humor have me hooked.

There was a scene this week where House and his friend were having a conversation in the men's room, and a kid was struggling to make a poopie. House yells - do you know what a hemmeroid is? Then when the kid comes out of the stall, he tells him to eat Raisen Bran. Then he uses his cane to turn on the water at a sink as the kid begins to take flight to make him wash his hands.

Does it get any funnier?

I LOVE POOP HUMOR <= Needs to be a bumber sticker on the Zen car.

Do you think I'd get a decent date out of that?


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