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11:29 a.m. - 2005-05-09
Entry two:

Warning - this may be melodramatic...

In reviewing the events of the weekend and the intense bitchiness with J this AM, we came upon to likely conclusions:

1) New Girl probably thought she could make Ryan jealous by being coy with me. I'm not sure how she thought that would work, and it could have been the alcohol, but she didn't seem that drunk... Plus, Ryan knows me well enough to know that I am not in the competetive market for a woman. In any case, the manipulative beeotch needs to go.

2) I seem to have attachment issues with H. Although I woke up with beeothchy tendencies Friday morning, The real reason I was in flames by the end of the evening was because of what Sully said H was thinking about me. The whole -- I was cold to him, I was talking to another man thing. Truth be told, I miss him terribly, and my hormones go a little wacky about it. He's not my one and only, but he is one of my favorites ever and it hurts that we can't hang out like we used to.

So there. Melodrama at its finest. But, at least its out.


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