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9:27 a.m. - 2005-05-09
Escaping through television.
I am so loving the HBO thing. I resisted for a good long time, not wanting in to hop on the bandwagon of extra charges television, but truely, the quality and rawness of the shows is worth every penny. I'm already hooked on Sex/City (On Demand) and Deadwood (its a feast for the senses, so rich and raw and gorgeously written). And I'm moving on to Six Feet Under.

I promise I'm hitting the gym before partaking though. So I'm not becoming a complete sloth in front of the tele.

The funny thing is, when I try to bring up these shows at work or around local people, they bristle at me. "OH, I can't watch that, the sex, the drugs, the violence, the language!" So, I am a pariah around the water cooler, with nobody to chew over yesterday's eposide with.

These people have no idea what art is, a and will die having survived life. What a shame.

On the subject of life, the apartment is wonderful, but it still has not quieted the need to travel and go places. I've got the itch to hop on a plane and go somewhere foreign and new. Although I have things planned, none of them are happening now. And its killing me.

Oh well, I guess this too shall pass.


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