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3:07 p.m. - 2005-05-10
Rambling because I'm bored.

Entry 2: What happens when you are a bored Zen.

Every time I click on "add an entry" my buddy list link turns red, and I an tempted to click on it to see who's written. But alas, nine times out of ten, its just a tease and nobody has updated, or D-land says they have, but they really haven't.

Anyway, I'm being a very, very bad Zen. I want to leave work and go play so bad, I can taste the sun. We've had two beautiful days, finally, and I can't enjoy them because I am leashed to my desk. So instead, I am fantasizing about being somewhere sunny, beachy and fabulously entertaining. Like on a cruise, docked at a pretty little island, being waited on hand and foot by a nice Italian water or two. Or three... Oh yeah, and there's a hammock for those moments when I'm not riding on my boogie board.

Productive I am not.

Hey Batten! - bored yet? Wanna trade places for a couple days? You come work, and I'll lay around reading and writing, and sailing in the evenings. I do want to keep my job, but subleasing it for a couple days would make me very happy.

I hope Mr. Weasel is having a good time without me in Georgia. Its not fair. (Throwing child-like tantrum, stomping feet and turning blue from holding my breath.)

On another subject, I have a couch, dining room table, six chairs and a coffee table to unload, and the consignment place just stopped taking stuff in. So its sitting in storage waiting for ...nothing. I've got to do something about it. Storage is kinda expensive.

I went shopping with my fartty friend at lunch to pass the time, and she passed the gas. She asks me, "Do you think it was the beans with the hamhock?"

I don't know what the hell a freakin' hamhock is, but I do know that when you have diverticulosis, every thing gives you gas. And since beans give everyone gas anyway, I assured her that beans would give her LOTS of gas. Then she tried on clothes that were two sizes too small, and bought them, saying that the gas was making her big, and the clothes would fit by tomorrow morning, when she would be starting that protien only diet to lose 80 lbs in a couple of months.

I prayed to all the saints, some pagan gods, some Hindu gods, etc. to keep my mouth firmly shut, and set in the shape of a smile that probably looked more like a grimmace.

Deep breathing and meditation are very good things.


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