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9:34 a.m. - 2005-05-12
A morning in Assholia.
Is it bad to get into a sexually charged inuendo of a conversation with your Esurance rep over the phone? He told me I sounded cute, and away we went. Oops! I wonder if I'll get a discount?

Last night, I had the best meditation. I never wanted to stop. It was warm, and fuzzy, and full of vibrations and humming... I "awoke" feeling my torso going around in slight circles, and felt like I was on the sea again on a cruise ship rocking me to sleep. It was so lovely. The only thing missing was an adorably over zealous Italian Waiter and a linen closet... Oh well, a girl can't have everything.

I've been reading up on the Suze Orman book, and am learning some good techniques for money management. Having been through an entire week completely cashless and creditless (feels like forever), I have confidence that I can turn the tide, and become the opposite of a financial nincompoop.

I even made a list of things I want/need and am trying to priortize them. Ive got:

Shoes (need sandles, because the ones I bought at Paylessgetcrap hurt my feet badly. Coffee table, wall hanging, shirts (desperate need), very tiny computer stand, bras, undies and new reading glasses (the current ones are too heavy and squish my nose, which is why I never wear them. Well, that and they make me look like a nerd.)

But here's the quandry -- do I buy new underthings or a coffee table? Which would would add more value to my life? 'Cause lord knows, when you are a 38DDD, and don't want to look like a granny, your bras cost as much as a coffee table.

I'm rooting for the bras and undies, 'cause I can live with my coffee and computer on the floor for now.

I've also been getting good info from the website. That girl has balls. Maybe if I write a book about what a dumbass I am I can get out of debt free too. And I'm not knocking her. She's brilliant. I just wish I had the idea first. But, with my brain, I have to learn my lessons the hard way, so its better this way. I'll just asshole my way out of a dumbass situation. This is Assholia after all!

________________________________________ Shit! I forgot that I need to get my dealership to break into my glove compartment which is jammed, replace the emergency brake and do regular geriatic maintenance on the car. I guess the pretty, pretty bras will have to wait another month. I'll just pick the fuzz balls off mine and make do I guess.


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