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9:28 a.m. - 2005-05-13
The bra episode.

You know I actually got a couple of emails via d-land from strangers who asked about boobie containers for big boobies? LOL!

For those interested, my absolute fave is the Felina Harlow. You can find it at Its a demi that is delicate, but is made so well, it'll keep those babies from poking out an eye.

My second, but more expensive resource is Gorgeous stuff, and even shirts for those who are blessed that go out where they need to, and in where they need to. Just take the currency exchange rate into consideration. Worth every penny though. And its an investment...

You'd really think that as popular as big boobies are, bras and lingerie to contain them would be more plentiful outside of Frederick's and other specialty stores. Where does Pam Anderson get her's I wonder? The bras, not the boobs! I think we all know where she got those!

But you see now why my bras cost as much as a coffee table, right? But, they are well worth it for as well as they hide the buddha belly. SO, I treat 'em right.


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