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2:25 p.m. - 2005-05-16
Breakthroughs compliments of TV
Would you believe that I feel better today, and no drugs? My body might actually be learning to fend for itself. I still feel kinda like crap, but the sore throat and swollen nodes are gone, and I just have a mild cough. Cross your fingers...

After last night's episode of my new addiction, Deadw00d, I was a puddle of tears. Its Al. I swear. He just has so many different pieces of my favorite assholes at The Bar that I can't help but to love him. But, not LOVE him, if you know what I mean. When he asked Seth the thing about the 20 paces (being cryptic so as not to be a spoiler), I was undone. And when Trixie said that thing to Sol about a whore's familiars, well, I was even more undone.

Its beautiful stuff, is Deadw00d.

Hey, and its gotten me a major breakthrough at work. Seriously. A super boss in another area -- who is known for being a genious, but hard to work with -- and I have been bonding over the series. He asked me to do a presentation and synergy discussion for his area. This is a major big thing. He thinks I'm cool, knows I have brains, and trusts me to help bridge the gap between "us" and "them". Major breakthough, thanks to my new favorite TV show. Whodathought?


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