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11:53 a.m. - 2005-05-18
Sad dog news.
I got a phone call from mom this am about the dog. She has been moping around lately, not being interested much in food and acting sort of depressed.

The vet said that she has Dimesnia and Alzheimers. She's about 72 in people years, so I guess its about that time. Poor thing just sits and stares at the strangest things. She's lost her pep and doesn't come to the door to great as often as she used to. She used to demand food at regularly scheduled intervals, but lately, its only her two night time treats that she still asks for. Whereas she used to eat breakfast and dinner with gusto, she now has to be told to eat.

I guess my baby isn't a baby anymore. The vet prescribed a new food for dogs with mental decline that has medicine for the brain to stop the progress of the deterioration. Its the same stuff they give people patients. Nothing is too good for this dog, you know. She is my kid, and I'll be devastated to lose her one day. But until she makes it clear it is her time to go, I'll do my best by her to make her comfortable and happy.

I'm not too sad...yet. I think I'll have another two or so years with her. But, underneath the bravado, my heart is breaking already. And I have to decide whether I will cry now, or bottle it up for later. But since the tears are rolling down my face already, I'll do the healthy thing and admit that I'm scared and heartbroken over it. With the exception of my dad, I've never loved anyone or anything as I have loved this animal.

I wish they could live forever.


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