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6:14 a.m. - 2005-05-18
Longest survey ever
What is your initials? -ZC

How old are you? -34

What colour are your eyes? - semi-dark forest green

What colour is your hair? - changes by the month, bronze brown now

What colour is your skin? - pale witha pink undertone

How much do you weigh? I'm chubby, alright?

What are you wearing? - jammies

Are you wearing socks? nope

What is your favourite colour? deep lavender/violet

Favourite animal? big dogs

Favourite website?

Who is your favourite person? Liam Neeson (bwaaah)

Favourite number? 2

Favourite place? On a ship

Favourite food? soup

Favourite drink? vodka or water

Shoe size? 9.5

Favourite song? If You Could Read My Mind (Gordon Lightfoot)

Favourite artist? Michael Hauver

Smell? Falling leaves and wood smoke

Flower? mixed wild flowers, or those pretty, verigated, wacky colored roses

What do you drive? Honda Civic, 9 years and counting

What do you do for a living? Project Manger (insert barf scene)

Where will you live in the future? With some very special man and maybe a couple of adopted or ready made children

Who is your best friend? My doggie

What are your pets names? Changes with her mood. She has a ton of nick names.

Do you have any siblings? one older brother

What hobby do you like? don't really have one, unless travel counts.

What do you want to do in the next year? Get half out of debt, and find out what I want to be when I grow up.

Do you have a boyfriend/husband? The closest thing I have is a recycleable shag buddy.

What is his name? H

How old is he? forty three???

Eye colour? blueish

Favourite thing about him? He's sort of the godfather figure of our little band of assholes, and he has kids, so he appeals to the father figure seeker in me.

Have you kissed? Duh!

Nicest thing he's ever done for you? When I stay over, he makes me breakfast.

Do you see a future with him? Absolutely not.

First date? Um, date? First hook-up was at one of Sully's infamous parties in the office upstairs.

Does your family like them? I don't introduce men to my mother. She freaks out and has nervous breakdowns about them taking me away from her. the repercussions last for years. When its serious, I'll get married, then introduce.

How long have you been dating (eh, shagging)? Since 1999 I think.

Educated/successful? He had kids really early on, so not educated. But successful in his own right.

Most romantic time? Maybe when he farted so loud that everyone who was asleep woke up thinking a bomb had just gone off?

Favourite thing - no clue.

What colour is mold?
(weird question) browny-black

Do you like anchovies? absolutely not

premarital sex? - yes please...

abortion? - Eeek! I can't get beyond the fact that a separate, living being is being killed, but I also think that it can be a life or death situation for the mom. Tough call... Me? Never.

gay rights? - absolutely. I'm ready for gays and people of differing color/religion to be a non-subject.

george bush? - goofy looking

football? - I like it on in the background on a Sunday afternoon, and would like to see a game in person, but i could never watch a whole game on TV.

NASCAR? - god no

Blood transfusions? - Duh! If I'm dying...

Death penalty? - Tough one. You can never be sure who is guilty or not someties.

Cremation? - I really don't give a piss what anyone does with my body when I'm dead.

Eggs? I eat the whites.

Best vacation? - Best and worse. Alaska 1995. I met Massimo, who taught me so much about love, but my mom freaked out and almost got him fired. Thus the no taking men home to mom rule. I regret not keeping in touch with him. I think he was my first love. But, I have met some other wonderful waiters since who have been lots of fun, including Nicolas, who I wrote to for a few years on and off til the wife got jealous. He got married after our cruise BTW ; )

How do you sleep? - all over the bed.

Piercings? - only ears, but I wear a belly button clip sometimes when I wear a tankini. Buddha belly be damned!

Rings? every now and then

Best advice? -I try not to give any, but I always do.

What are you worried about right now? -
the presentation tomorrow. I still feel crappy.

Least favourite person? - Almost anyone I work with.

What do you do when you're sad? Cry.

Favourite sandwich? - Turkey burger.

Do you use sarcasm? Am I Zencelt?

Favourite childhood toy? - my brother


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