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6:37 p.m. - 2005-05-19
The blessings in life are free.
Thank you my wonderful friends for the love and kindness. Every thought helps show me that I am not alone. I was solitary for such a long time when I was a kid and young adult. Living in my own little world in order to stay sane in the enviroment I was living in. I'm still getting used to having people I can depend on for love and support. It means so very much to me. (hugs and kisses)

On a positive note, the BIG presentation went far better than I or anyone else expected. I was stunned at the positive reception I got and the acknowledgement of my talent and knowledge. From this group, it is hard come by. My boss is exceedingly proud and shocked as well. It was fun, though I was half asleep from the last dregs of illness and prescription drugs. I made the best purchase ever the night before to make myself look as alive and awake as possible. It was a undereye concealer that tightens and hides every bit of darkness and sallowness. Worked like a charm.

Its funny how the rude awakening my finances gave me has radically changed my spending habits. I measure out every penny, and analyze the benefit vs the cost, etc. Its made me a bit obsessive about dollars, which is a blessing. I'm finally feeling some of the weight of debt lifting off my shoulders, and am excited to see the numbers drop month by month.

Not only do I see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I can see the exit clearly. Like I said, its a blessing.

Now. I demand that you go give Cunegonde some luvin', because having been where she is, minus the kiddo, I know that she needs all the support and advice that you good people have to give. She's a kind, warm, intelligent, funny, caring, wonderful woman. And life has delt her some pretty harsh blows.


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